The repercussions of confinement on our dogs

The sensitive period of socialization of the puppy is an important stage of its development, it is the period during which it is necessary to make him live the most possible experiences. At the moment, confinement forces us to stay at home as much as possible and to walk around our place of residence. As a result, our close environment may not be lively enough to socialize our puppy well. This can then result in delays in learning.

The repercussions of confinement on our dogs

The negative repercussions of confinement on the dog:

This lack of socialization can cause the dog to be less comfortable around new situations, strangers, or unfamiliar dogs. This can then lead to behaviors of fear and insecurity. This lack of socialization in some dogs can lead them to express reactivity or aggression in the face of what they do not know. Fortunately, it's never too late to rework socialization, however, it may take longer for these dogs to accept new situations.

What solutions can be put in place to overcome this lack of socialization?

It will be necessary to take advantage of the deconfinement to take the dog or puppy out as often as possible in new places. Collective canine walks can also be planned. If your friends or family don't own dogs, there are groups that organize dog meetings, especially on Facebook or on specialized apps for group dog walks.

However, in the name of socialization, it is not a question of making an abusive immersion with your dog. That is to say, it should not be brought too close to what scares him. Properly socializing your animal consists in adapting to its emotional state. The situations that will then be presented to him must be experienced as positively as possible. In the event that the dog has a bad experience of a situation, it is advisable to move away from it to bring him back to his comfort zone. Once reassured, we can get closer again by diverting him from what triggers his fear. You can use his toy or treats to distract him. In this way, you will positive the situation.

The positive effects of confinement on the dog:

The confinement does not only have negative points for the dog. For example, a dog that is being rehabilitated for reactivity or aggression can experience this period of calm with more serenity. These more serene times allow him to no longer confront his fears, which can prove beneficial in his rehabilitation. To have the ability to learn, the brain needs calm and plenitude, and sometimes it takes a while to achieve this.

Another positive point of this confinement; is the additional time the masters will undoubtedly have to devote to their dogs. They can then use it to teach their dog new tricks, to improve its obedience, or discover new games to play together.


Last word :

Dogs like humans, we suffer from a lack of social encounters. We must therefore take our troubles patiently and take advantage of this time offered to us and use it wisely. For example, it is possible to introduce your dog to new playful activities: hide his food and teach him to look for it, make him a search mat (or snuffle mat), or even do obéjump using the home accessories.

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