Offer a dog at Christmas: A false good idea

 Some people think that giving a dog for Christmas to a friend or family member will be the best gift. Although the first intention is honorable, offering a living being to someone can quickly become a false good idea. Living with an animal must always be a thoughtful act because every year there are many abandonments for lack of reflection on the implications of living with a dog. We will find out in this article whether it makes sense to offer a dog.

Offer a dog at Christmas: A false good idea

What should you think about before offering a dog at Christmas?

It is necessary above all to check that the person who will welcome the puppy or the dog, is ready to assume it. It is therefore advisable to probe it well by asking it many questions. For example: is this person ready and able to have a dog? Are his environment and schedule compatible with life with a dog? Will it be able to meet all of the dog's needs? Etc.

Offer a dog at Christmas: Can we really estimate the desire and the capacity?

When you offer a dog, it is difficult to be 100% sure that the person who will welcome him feels the desire. Only his direct approval could assure you that it's a good idea, but then it's no longer a surprise. Giving an animal to a person who has not chosen it can quickly become a poisoned gift. Indeed, this person may feel obliged to assume this dog but without having the desire to do so. However, doing it reluctantly, she may not take care of the dog as well as he needs. In this case, everyone would lose because both the person and the dog will suffer from the situation.

Does the dog breed match the person?

In another scenario, the person could choose not to keep the dog. The latter risks ending up at the SPAYou should know that abandonment is not trivial. Indeed, it is a very traumatic event and many dogs develop behavioral problems as a result.

Other questions are also to be taken into account when one wishes to offer a dog. You have to ask yourself if the breed meets the future owner's expectations. Taking into account, for example, the presence of children. Is the breed of dog known to be suitable for family life or more for a single person? Often you have to wonder if it would not be wiser for him to choose his puppy/dog himself.

Can we offer a puppy/dog at Christmas to our children?

Giving a dog at Christmas means thinking about it seriously beforehand. The arrival of a new puppy/dog at home must be done calmly because it will probably already be disturbed by the change of environment. However, the children who will discover the puppy/dog under the tree will undoubtedly be very excited to discover it. This too strong enthusiasm can then frighten the Puppy/dog who will be able to associate the children with this unpleasant event. Their life together may be degraded because the puppy/dog may be afraid of them.

In addition, it is necessary to plan who will take care of the puppy/dog, because there is no question of leaving this task to a child. The latter can only, depending on his age, assume certain things. For example, he can feed the puppy/dog. However, whatever the child is asked to do, an adult must always ensure that the task has been completed.

Last word :

Offering a dog should be a thoughtful act, you have to think about all that it entails. A dog asks for a lot of concessions, whether it's the time we have to give him, the financial expenses that this entails, or to assume the daily inconveniences such as hair loss and daily outings. It is therefore not reasonable to offer an animal to someone because it is to take the risk that the gift becomes poisoned. To prevent the dog from being abandoned; Only one piece of advice: Let the person decide for themselves and DO NOT OFFER A DOG!

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