dogs with long hair

 Crawling the fluffy curls or stroking the teddy bear-like fur - the sight of a dog with long hair warms many people's hearts. If you are also toying with the idea of ​​getting a dog with a little more fur, you have come to the right place. We introduce you to the top 12 long-haired dog breeds. You will also learn how to properly care for your dog's coat and keep it in perfect condition.

dogs with long hair

Long-Haired Dog Breeds: An Overview

1. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is one of the most famous long-haired dogs and perhaps the most glamorous breed of all time. He has a long, silky, flowing coat that comes in shades of black, rust, or cream. This coat not only makes the breed look fabulous but also protects them from the freezing temperatures of their homeland – the mountains of Afghanistan.

Requirements for grooming an Afghan Hound: The breed is considered to be very high-maintenance because the coat must first be misted with a spray bottle before daily brushing. Regular bathing is also required.

2. Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail)

You may know this long-haired dog breed from many Disney films, including The Little Mermaid and of course Zotti the Urviech! The adorable fluffy look of the bobtails is thanks to its double coat: It consists of a structured upper coat and a soft undercoat, which can take on different shades of gray or blue.

Requirements for Grooming a Bobtail: As a Bobtail owner, you need to brush your dog daily and devote a few hours a week to him. Above all, grooming during the molting period is particularly time-consuming.

3. Bearded Collie

This fluffy, long-haired dog breed sports a magnificent beard (hence the name) and a long, shaggy coat that comes in shades of slate, brown, blue, or fawn.

The Bearded Collie has a double coat with a straight, harsh, and shaggy top coat and a soft, furry undercoat.

The natural coat keeps the Bearded Collie reliably warm - for example when he is tending sheep and cattle in his Scottish homeland.

Grooming Requirements for a Bearded Collie: The coat needs to be brushed regularly to keep it from matting and knotting.

4. Bergamasca

You'd think this Italian breed might look a little neglected because of its matted coat, but that's actually the case. It protects himBergamasca Shepherd Dog in different weather conditions: when it is hot, it can circulate cold air on the skin, while when it is cold, it warms the skin. It also protects against insect and animal bites! The fur takes up to five years to reach the ground.

Grooming requirements for a Bergamasco: At around one year of age, the Bergamasco's coat needs to be dissected into mats - a process that can be very time-consuming. Once this is done, the breed no longer needs to be brushed. Bathing is then only recommended a few times a year.

5. Bolognese

The bolognese resembles a small cloud and has a gorgeous long, cotton-like coat of brilliant white. This long-haired dog breed was once popular with Italian royalty thanks to its stunning looks and funny nature. Today, she makes a wonderful companion for anyone looking for a smaller, fluffy dog ​​with lots of personalities.

Grooming Requirements for a Bolognese: Surprisingly, the Bolognese doesn't shed very heavily, but they do need to be brushed daily to avoid matting. The coat can be clipped shorter for easier grooming.

6. Briard

Of theBriard is incredibly cuddly with its long fur and strong, muscular body. Originally from France, the long-haired dog is often referred to as a "heart in fur" because of his endearing personality. Briards have a double coat with a long, slightly wavy top coat and a fine, dense undercoat.

Grooming Requirements for a Briard: The dog needs to be brushed at least three times a week.

7. Komondor

The Komondor's "corduroy" coat makes this dog a bit hard to get used to for many people. Because it not only covers the ears but also the eyes of the shepherd dog from Hungary. It can take up to two years for the fur to form. Until then, it looks rather fluffy. Once the fur starts to clump, it should be trimmed.

Grooming Requirements for a Komondor: He is never brushed as this prevents the cords from forming. These are formed when hair that has fallen out becomes matted with existing hair. It is best to get help from a professional dog groomer. The breed also needs regular bathing. However, you should make sure to dry your dog well, otherwise, the fur can smell unpleasant.

8. Lhasa Apso

Of the Lhasa Apso is small in stature and has an incredibly long, silky coat. Sometimes it's difficult to spot the Lhasa Apso beneath his luscious locks of hair. When allowed to grow, its long fur reaches to the ground, giving the animal a majestic, soaring gait.

Grooming Requirements for a Lhasa Apso: The breed requires daily grooming. Some owners choose to trim the coat shorter as it is very prone to matting. A professional groomer or breeder can advise you on the best course of action.

9. Pekingese

Long-haired and small in build, it's hard to believe a breed like the Pekingese really exists. Its fur is often referred to as "lion's mane", which is based on a Chinese legend. This says that the Pekingese was created by Buddha to shrink a lion.

Grooming Requirements for a Pekingese: He should be brushed once a day and bathed once a week. Complete grooming by a professional groomer is recommended about every eight weeks.

10. Puli
The puli looks a bit like a miniature Komondor. Its unusual coat naturally forms "mop-like" strands that take about four years to develop. They are available in grey, black and white. In Hungary, one of the most common colors is "fako" - the shade of a whole grain bun!

Requirements for Grooming a Puli: If you want to cord your Puli's coat, you will need to help it form from about a year of age. You'll also need to devote time to the juvenile coat. Bathing a corded-haired Puli is very time-consuming—just air-drying it can take up to two days! Non-highlighted coats require regular brushing to soften and prevent matting.

11. Shih Tzu

A small, long-haired dog breed with the heart and looks of a lion is the Shih Tzu. The breed has a gorgeous, silky coat that comes in shades of black, black-and-white, gray-and-white, and red-and-white. Because of their friendly nature and love for people, Shih Tzus make fantastic companions.

Grooming Requirements for a Shih Tzu: Daily brushing and weekly bathing are required to prevent matting. The fur can be kept short for easier grooming.

12. Skye Terriers

Of theskye terrier is a small dog with an amazing head of hair. Its fur is so long that many owners tie it in place with a hair tie or clip to keep their forehead and eyes-free. The erect ears are also striking, which, thanks to the “flowing” head of hair, are reminiscent of bat wings.

Grooming Requirements for a Skye Terrier: The coat will need to be brushed a few times a week and bathed every few weeks to keep it in good condition.

Grooming of long-haired dogs

Regular combing and brushing of dogs with long hair are essential to prevent the hair from becoming matted, tangled or harboring parasites and dirt. For the same reason, you should also bathe your dog about once a week. Here you should use a special dog shampoo. A shampoo for humans, on the other hand, is not suitable because it can dry out the dog's skin. Not to be neglected is also the right one for your dog's diet. Poor food or an undersupply of nutrients (such as minerals or vitamins) can often result in a greasy or dull coat.

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