Dog breeds for families

 The decision to add four paws to your household is very exciting. When you have kids, sometimes the excitement is even greater and you may be wondering which dog breeds are best for families. We created this guide to educate you about the most family-friendly dog ​​breeds and to help you choose a dog that's right for you.

Dog breeds for families

Dogs for families - important considerations

If you want to get a dog for your family, it should not only be pretty, cute, and intelligent. Also, make sure that the dog's needs match your family's lifestyle: is it quiet or energetic? Does he need a lot or little grooming? Some dog breeds also get along better with older children, while others are also gentle with small children. Some breeds need a house and garden, others you can keep well in an apartment with sufficient walks. Important is: Find the dog breed that suits you. Because in the end, both you and your family members and your dog should feel comfortable together!


What qualities make a good family dog?

A family dog ​​is characterized first and foremost by the fact that it is child-friendly. This is not just about the breed, but about his individual personality. Before you get a family dog, you should think about the following points:

Appropriate Size: Very small dog breeds are on average more irritable and have a less robust physique. Large dogs, on the other hand, are usually more good-natured, but due to their size, they can accidentally knock over smaller children while playing. So think about whether a large or rather a small dog is the better choice for your family.

Playful & cuddly: Most children love to cuddle and play with dogs. Make sure you choose a dog that likes and enjoys this as well.

Strong nerves: Children like to be a little louder, frolic around or try to pull a dog's tail gently. The new dog in your family should be able to tolerate this behavior from children.

Obedient: Especially in a household with children, it is important that your dog is well trained and obedient. This way you can rely on him to listen to commands when you are busy with your child.

Unenvious: Last but not least, family-friendly dogs are characterized by the fact that they are unenvious. After all, you won't always be able to give your dog your full attention.


Which dogs are family dogs?

Some of the ideal dog breeds for families include, among others golden retrievers, pugs, labradors, Bichon Frizes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, collies, Newfoundland, poodle, Australian Shepherds, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Staffordshire bull terrier,beaglesandSaint Bernard. Here are some of these child-friendly dog ​​breeds for families:


Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is considered to be the most popular family dog ​​breed. This is not the least due to their lovable and friendly nature. Golden Retrievers have a lot of energy and love to play with children. They are even said to follow children everywhere, waiting for the next opportunity to cuddle or play.



The Labrador is also one of the most child-friendly dog ​​breeds.

He gets along not only with children but also with other pets. He is playful, friendly, affectionate, and loves to spend time with his people. Its high energy level makes it a good choice for families with an active lifestyle.


Poodles are very smart, energetic, friendly, and well-behaved if you give them enough entertainment, such as playing with your children. Poodles shed little and are considered a rather hypoallergenic dog breed. Because of this, they can be a well-suited dog breed for families with allergies.


Bichon Frize

If you are looking for a small, kid-friendly dog ​​for your family, the Bichon Frize is a good choice. He loves to cuddle and play with his humans and you can keep him in an apartment just fine. But of course, these family-friendly dogs also need sufficient exercise with regular walks.


Bernese Mountain Dog

Often referred to as "gentle giants," Bernese Mountain Dogs have an endearing, happy personality. Well socialized, they are an ideal dog breed for families as they tend to be very patient and friendly with children. Bernese Mountain Dogs are particularly suitable for active families with older children who like to be outdoors.



The Newfoundland is a good-natured, easy-going, and level-headed dog breed. They are very attached to their people, are considerate of children, and react to most situations with great composure. However, Newfoundlands need a lot of exercises, so you shouldn't keep them in an apartment.



Not only are Beagles considered one of the best dog breeds for families, but they are also considered one of the friendliest in general. With their energetic and cheeky personalities, they love their pack and enjoy playing and romping with children.


Gentle, flexible, and agile: This describes this child-friendly dog ​​breed for families. Collies are great at adapting to their families. With enough walks and exercise, you can keep Collies in an apartment.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are affectionate and affectionate dogs that generally get along well with both children and other pets. These little dogs love attention and are always up for a game of play with their family members.


Staffordshire bull terrier

It may surprise you, but Staffordshire Bull Terriers are actually considered one of the best dog breeds for families, even earning the nickname "babysitting dog." When well socialized they have friendly dispositions and adore people and play with them.


All of these breeds tend to get along well with children and are therefore considered family-friendly dogs. However, every dog ​​is an individual and so a dog from one of these breeds may not be suitable for families. In any case, make sure that you train your new dog well,socializeandused to children. The children should also learn how to deal with dogs so that they treat them lovingly, respectfully, and kindly. You can find out more about responsible animal husbandry for children here.

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